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Confused about how exactly you will benefit from buying vs renting? You would be amazed with how many agents do not know this information or a way to explain it. Let's see if you are ready to buy, consider all the costs and really understand the impact based on your tax bracket. Everything we do is with the help of our clients and this video has been a favorite amongst our First Time Home Buyers! If you have any questions, please feel free to email us after watching!

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I can honestly say that having Ayda and Tim as our real estate agents almost felt unfair because of how far ahead of the game we always seemed to feel relative to the sellers. As a first time home owner, I can tell you that the horror stories I had heard from many of my friends seem completely foreign to us because of Ayda and Tim. We started our search and closed in less than 30 days and got everything we were looking for.

Kevin Lee, Fairfax, VA


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