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Michele Stash

(703) 585 - 8856 [email protected]

My name is Michele Stash. I am an Associate and Managing Broker for 2 large offices for RE/MAX. I have been in real estate for decades and have lived in various parts of Northern VA. My process to working with clients is straight forward. Having the right agent who has the knowledge, experience and expertise can make a big difference withe negotiations, understanding options and ensuring the agent is truly working in your best interest with different programs that are available and solutions that even most agents are not aware of. I take great pride in working with my clients and offering them a suite of options they can pick from. I am flexible and can handle even the most difficult situations. My experience and dedication offers clients a great advantage. Give me a call to see my services and how I can assist you transition to your new home or help you sell your home with the least amount of impact. Make it a Blessed Day!