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Jeff Lubell

(703) 999 - 8707 [email protected]

My name is Jeff Lubell and my wife Betty and I resided in Heritage Hunt since 2011 and love it. We have 6 adult children and 12 grandchildren. I am a local NOVA resident – have lived in different parts of Northern VA for 45 years! I am a real estate professional with a unique background that allows me to connect with many clients.

Before getting into real estate I founded an IT Consulting company in 1984. Citibank Venture Capital funded a merger in 1999 to enable our company to become Microsoft’s Largest Global Partner for their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Upon the merger, I became a member of the Executive Team guiding the new company. I also had direct responsibilities as VP of North American Sales, leading the sales and marketing teams to become Microsoft’s Global Partner of the Year in 2000 and 2001.

After I retired from the corporate world, I became a full time Realtor® and for the past 14 years, I have used my business negotiating skills to ensure that my clients get the best representation.

I am a real estate Professional; I know what it takes to invest, sell or buy a home. I bring expert knowledge in many different areas, valuable experience blended with the latest technology, a well-defined marketing plan, a cohesive network, energy, enthusiasm and the excitement of a job well done. And the best part is knowing I make a positive impact in someone’s life. I live my life with high Integrity and work with a great team of professionals that have the same values and approach to work, life and clients.

My goal is to help you with your next transition, whether that is Selling, Buying or Investing. My experience, skills and knowledge save my client’s precious time, money and help avoid headaches & frustrations - before, during and after a home sale. Give me a call and let’s chat. There is never any obligation or pressure. I follow the motto “Less Stress with Jeff”.