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Welcome to our “Heritage Hunt” market Statistics page. We hope you find these graphs and charts informative as you look for pricing and marketing trends in Heritage Hunt, Gainesville VA. If you are comparing other neighborhoods or need additional/different information, please feel free to live chat with us or call us anytime. We live, work and sell here. We know the area well and can provide you with additional information. 


Heritage Hunt 2017 Market Report

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If you are a seller – this information will give you some basic and average information for pricing and market trends. But as with any property, finishes, condition, market demand will also play a key role. We also believe in properly staging your property will make a big difference when selling your property.

If you are a buyer – these charts will provide you with good guideline on pricing trends. You will find lots of details with additional information links as ell. We love helping our Future Neighbors so give us a call or  chat with us 

Also take a look at our Market Trend Videos and get educated along the process. If you are looking to buy in Heritage Hunt – we have great resources, different lender programs you may not be aware of, grants & assistance programs, vendor & service providers as well as checklists, videos, guides and money saving tips! Please leave a feedback if you enjoy our information or if we can provide you with additional information!

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What is Selling in Heritage Hunt

Pricing Trends - What's Selling at What Price

Average Sale to Original Price Ratio

Average Days on Market

Price Per Square Foot

Months of Supply - How Long Will it Take to Sell Properties

Looking for real estate in Fairfax County? Heritage Hunt, Gainesville VA homes might be ideal for you! If you need help in buying or looking for property to invest in Heritage Hunt. Let our experienced real estate agents help you make it happen. Our site is conveniently designed so you can browse home listings in Heritage Hunt, Gainesville VA through it anytime and anywhere.